“The Escape Artist”: Body Triangle Counter Submission

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"The Escape Artist":  Body Triangle Counter Submission

This is a move that I have held onto forever and rarely show anyone! WHY? Well it’s a funny story but years ago when I was a purple belt teaching BJJ a blue belt came to my class visiting from out of state. After class we grappled and I got his back and threw on my signature body triangle. Within a few seconds I was astounded when I was forced to tap to a foot lock! Immediately I was like, "what just happened?!" He showed me how he caught me and I never forgot that move. Over the years I rarely ever shared this simple little counter submission. WHY? Everytime…and I mean every time I show someone this move I inadvertantly get submitted with it. So for as lone as I can remember I never have showed it…let alone put it on video for the world!!! So here it is at last…. By the way, why am I putting it out now? Because it (like all "my" Jiu-Jitsu) was never for me to keep in the first place… Jiu-Jitsu is meant to be shared. -Oss